What’s in for you

A home is actually nothing but a house without the right furniture. Its almost like an abandoned space! We are here, to set your house, or transform it into a home. We believe that setting your home needs to be a pleasant experience for you, rather than a painful one. Our furniture house, hosts all kinds of furniture, right from luxury level to the budgeted people, with the same quality assurance and other weights. We have everything that you need for your home, the recliners, the sofas, dining tables, chairs and cushions, children furniture and many more.

The quality of material used is the best in town and has an exceptional warranty that nobody else gives. We also give you a year-long guarantee and within it, we have a service free, so your furniture is actually insured with us, for a year. You needn’t book us for a service appointment, we take a note and come down. We also have online stores, that has multifold of options to choose from, various imported products do come to our store and we sell them online. Our professional installers will leave no stone unturned in creating the right feel for you.

Along with furniture, we also serve its upholsteries and other needs, so it’s a one-stop destination for your home accessory needs. once you are here, you would definitely not step out, without the trust of genuine products that we acclaim here. We don’t do just business, but we create that trust and loyalty among customers, and your satisfaction is a prime concern. We believe in satisfying customers than self, to succeed in business. Your happiness and satisfaction is our motto, and we strive to achieve that. Drop into to see the various styles and designs that we create in-house and be blinded by the quality.